Cape Town To Implement Level 6B Water Restrictions - 1 February 2018

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CAPE TOWN - Water restrictions in Cape Town have been heightened even further as the drought continues to dry up the city.

The City of Cape Town will implement level 6B water restrictions from 1 February - this means daily consumption per person per household has been cut to 50 litres.

Mayor Patricia de Lille says more than 60% of Cape Town residents are not saving water

The city implemented level 6 water restrictions on 1 January, which required that users to reduce their water usage by 45% and agricultural users to reduce consumption by 60% and discouraged the use of borehole water for outdoor purposes in order to preserve groundwater resources.

Properties where households consume more than 10,500 litres per month could be fitted with a water management device.

Author: EWN - Eyewitness News

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