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ESTAA is designed to address numerous loopholes created by the principal Act, ESTAA is underpinned by the need to facilitate long-term security of land tenure

Student Accommodation and PIE - Does Student Accommodation Qualify as a Home?

A key right in South African constitutional law is access to adequate housing enshrined in Section 26 of our Constitution.

Dementia: Understanding Your Legal Options With Property Transactions & Management

In the normal course of business, any healthy person may be briefly unable to fulfil certain legal actions.

When Does Ownership Of Property Vest In Name Of Spouse After Divorce Settlement?

When does a spouse who is entitled to receive a half share in immovable property become the owner of that half share?

How To Deal With Noisy Neighbours Legally

Every person has a right to the reasonable enjoyment of the property that they lawfully occupy.

What Happens To A House or Property When You Divorce - Who Gets House Ownership?

Historically 44% of South African marriages have ended in divorce, and there has reportedly been a 20% surge in new divorce applications

Legal Opinion on Expropriation Without Compensation Video Doing The Rounds On Social Media In SA

A startling video by an organization called IRR has been doing the rounds on social media

The POPI Act - A Summary Of SA's New Personal Information Protection Legislation

The purpose of the POPI Act is to enforce the consequences should a South African institution not behave in a responsible way

Out Of Community Of Property Marriages Entered Into Before 1988 Under The Black Administration Act

In the event of someone being married where the laws of South Africa apply, without an antenuptial contract, such person is automatically married in community

Can A Landlord Cut The Tenant's Electricity Or Change The Locks?

As a landlord in dispute with your tenant you may well be tempted to avoid the delay and cost of litigation by taking your own eviction
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