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What You Need To Know About Breach & Penalty Clauses In Property Sales Agreements

When you are in the process of buying or selling property, one of the most critical documents you will encounter is the offer to purchase.

Can APS Installations Be Removed From A Property - For Property Sales & Rentals?

The Eskom energy or power crisis in South Africa led to a proliferation in alternative power supply (APS) installations or equipment to assist individuals

Can a Home Buyer's Claim Against a Home Seller For Intentionally Hidden Latent Defects, Prescribe?

Home buyers often worry about finding a latent defect in their new home, especially if the sellers have tried to conceal the flaws to sell the house.

How To Get Better Home Loan Interest Rates In South Africa

When buying a property, most property buyers prefer to simplify the process when applying for a home loan.

Renovating Your Home in South Africa: Tips for a Smooth and Affordable Process

While renovating your home can be a daunting task, following these tips can make the process easier and more affordable in South Africa:

Sellers Beware - Disclosure Of Defects On A Written Property Condition Report Is Compulsory

A latent defect is a flaw in a property that a reasonable inspection before the sale would not have revealed.

Heritage Property Grading & How To Apply For Renovations Of Property Older Than 60 Years

Heritage buildings have different grading categories and sub-categories that indicate their importance and the authority that oversees them:

When Is VAT Applicable In Your Property Sales Agreement?

An item that is often overlooked when buying or selling property is the issue of VAT and whether such is payable and by whom

Heritage Homes In South Africa - What You Need To Know

Buying a heritage property offers you and your family a unique opportunity to own a piece of history and to become a part of that legacy.

Bond Registration Process - What A Property Buyer Need To Know About The Process

Signing your bond documents can be a stressful and overwhelming exercise if you are a first time buyer as you are unfamiliar with the process.
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