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Authenticating Documents Signed Outside South Africa

A number of complications arise with cross-border transactions, such as jurisdictional issues for example

Offer To Purchase - What To Know About A Lapsed Or Rejected Offer

For prospective buyers who have found the right property, it is always an exciting but also a daunting time when an Offer to Purchase (OTP) has been signed and

The Property Transfer Process Explained

The registration process is quite an intensive process with normally 3 different attorneys involved, namely, the transferring attorney (the seller’s attorney at

The Effect of Unforeseen Events in Property Transactions - Tenant not Vacating Property

The settled legal principle of “Huur gaat voor koop” means that, despite the sale and even the transfer of a property to a new owner, the tenant of the property

The Effect of Unforeseen Events in Property Transactions - Discovery of an Interdict on the Property

In law it is an official instruction from a Court telling someone that they are not allowed to do something. In this case not to transfer a property without the

The Effect of Unforeseen Events in Property Transactions - Absence Of Approved Building Plans

Most Agreements for Offer to Purchase does not make provision for the providing of Approved Building Plans but rather makes provision for the Seller to warrant

Property sale - who pays for what?

Being financially ready for a property transaction will ensure that the process runs smoothly and that there are no monetary surprises.
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