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Property Market Sentiment Drops Further In 2nd Quarter 2018

Category Property Market News

After declining in the first quarter of 2018 from late last year, the level of positive sentiment regarding conditions in the South African residential property

Co-owning A Property And The Bond

Category Property Thought Of The Week

Whether for financial or other reasons, people often invest in property as co-owners, whereby each owns an undivided share in the property. Many such buyers tak

What Are Your Rights To The Common Property In Sectional Title Schemes?

Category Sectional Titles and Body Corporate

What are your rights to common property under a sectional title scheme? If you are the registered title-holder of a unit in a sectional title scheme, you are th

How To Obtain A Valid Extension On The Period For Getting Your Home Loan Approved

Category Home Loan Advice

Most property sale agreements contain a suspensive condition that makes the purchase subject to the purchaser obtaining financing within a certain period of tim

Container Homes In South Africa - Why It has Not Taken Off As An Affordable Home Choice

Category Buying Property

Developed as an affordable housing option, the container home is a trend originating in Australia that many thought would provide a solution to the housing cri

Government Wants South African Deeds Registration System To become Electronical

Category Deed of Sale and Information

South Africa has a deeds registration system with a solid reputation, but it’s still a manual system. The going trend in everything from car rentals to banking

10 Ways To Improve The Value Of Your Property

Category Seller Advice

Thinking about selling your property? Here are 10 top tips for quick and reasonably affordable improvements that can help you achieve a better asking price:

What You Need To Know About Antenuptial Contracts & Property

Category Legal Information

The matrimonial property system which you choose will affect your financial future and the position of your assets.

Newsflash: What You Need To Know About Expropriation Of Land Without Compensation

Category Property Market News

On 27 February 2018 Julius Malema through the Economic Freedom Front (EFF) put forward a motion to amend the Constitution to allow for the expropriation of land

TPN Says 82.3% Of Tenants Nationally Fulfil Their Rental Obligations

Category Rental property News

A recent claim in the media that ‘one in every four tenants in South Africa don’t fulfil their rental obligations’ is unfortunate as it is based on a set of dat


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