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Plans Approved And Added Municipal Requirements


Plans Approved And Added Municipal Requirements

Once building plans have been approved by your local municipality and you have completed the renovation, alteration, addition or extension to your home in accordance with such plans in the required timeframe, it is imperative that you, or your project manager, make contact in writing with the municipality in order to request the issue of a Certificate of Occupancy. This certificate is signed off by the Municipal Building Inspector once he/she has visited your property and confirmed that you have built in accordance with the approved plans and any conditions that the municipality may have imposed.  

If your buildings are not compliant, or you have made changes during the course of construction, the Building Inspector may request that a deviation plan is drafted, submitted and approved before the Occupancy Certificate will be issued.

An Occupancy Certificate is crucial where renovations, alterations, extensions or additions have been carried out as a building may only be formally occupied after the certificate has been issued. Once issued, remember to keep your certificate in a safe place in case it is needed again when selling or mortgaging your property.

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