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What You Need To Know About Beetle Certificates


What You Need To Know About Beetle Certificates

The beetle inspections are unique in the fact that there is no one overall regulation regarding what is required. It is governed purely by the "Beetle Clause" in your specific deed of sale, and the clauses can vary dramatically in what they call for. So read this clause carefully and make sure you understand the implications thereof.

The important phrase in a Beetle Certificate is: "A visual inspection of accessible portions of the property for active infestation".


It is an inspection that is performed by the naked eye, looking for signs or evidence of active infestation, flight holes and frass (fine wood powder) left by the beetle when they eventually exit the timber.


If the timber is not accessible we cannot check it. It would simply be impractical for us to have to remove ceilings to get to roof timbers, fitted carpets to get to floor boards etc. The logistics and costs involved would be prohibitive. 


Most wood destroying beetle have a certain life cycle. The eggs are laid in the timber where the larvae can live for years before eventually exiting and leaving the telltale flight holes and frass, if these signs are not yet evident we have no way of knowing that there is larvae in the wood, and in some cases these flight holes may be old indicating that the larvae have all left the wood and there is no further active infestation. 


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