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Water Crisis: Proposed Water By-Law For The Cape


Water Crisis: Proposed Water By-Law For The Cape

The City of Cape Town Water Dashboard reflects positive rising dam levels after the recent rains, but the Cape is still in dire need of much more. Suggested measured water usage controls include provisions that the City of Cape Town may install water management devices or prepaid water meters on your property, in some instances, without your consent. Provision is also made for ratepayers to set their domestic daily water supply at a predetermined volume. 

The City of Cape Town Draft Water Amendment By-Law 2017 states that: 

“Where a water management device or prepayment meter has been installed at a property, a consumer may request to enter into an agreement with the City in terms of the City’s Credit Control and Debt Collection Policy and its Credit Control and Debt Collection By-law, 2006, to set the domestic water supply to their premises to a predetermined daily volume.” 

A property owner may further be held responsible for ensuring compliance with provisions aimed at preventing wastage or abuse of water. In developments with separate private sub-meters, owners must monitor and record the monthly usage of each individual unit. 

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