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Marketing Property During Lockdown's Different Levels


Marketing Property During Lockdown's Different Levels

Everyone across the world are living in some form of fear or uncertainty, or both, all due to the new reality we are experiencing due to the coronavirus (Covid-19)


Our clients in the real estate industry - and more specifically the property sellers, all want to know HOW we will be working around the "social distancing" problems the corona virus has created for us.


In the template below, we have included the ways and tools we will be using in the different levels of lockdown restrictions.


Until we reach level 2, the only way we can move forward in the virtual world with the marketing of new property mandates, is by involving the owners (sellers) in the "prepping as well as the viewing phases of the marketing plan" - i.e. for both commercial and residential properties during levels 3, 4 and 5.


We therefore would like to take hands with sellers who are at the moment thinking of selling their homes by:


  • providing them with free online comparative marketing valuations. CCH employs the same valuation tools the banks are using in establishing comparative value of properties (when buyers e.g. applies for home loans);


  • prepping them ("training" them) to take quality photos and videos we would need to upload onto all our marketing channels, including the property portals and social media channels we employ;


  • using the sellers in the showing or viewing phase as the virtual guide. We will make sure that the sellers are comfortable with doing a Virtual Walk-thru (VWT) on e.g. a WhatsApp group video for the pre-qualified buyers we will be sourcing via our marketing channels.


  • arranging (with the help of the seller's VWT) an open house for all our CCH colleagues as well as for the other estate agencies - i.e. so they can also pre-view the property before they introduce it to their databanks of potential clients.


Please contact our local member estate agents for more information or send us an email to . Alternatively you can leave us your contact details at

Author Benhard Wiese
Published 06 May 2020 / Views -
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