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How To Manage Water Restrictions At Your Home


How To Manage Water Restrictions At Your Home

With the country in the midst of a severe drought, the time to save every drop of water has arrived.

The University of Cape Town says taps could run dry by 2019 in the Mother City if residents do not change their attitudes towards the use of water.

The university's Future Water Institution says it is working with city authorities to come up with a solution to the water crisis.

Level 3b water restrictions have been in place in Cape Town since last month amid critically low dam levels.

Here are some water saving tips:

  • Put a brick or other cistern displacement device in the toilet cistern and only flush when absolutely necessary.
  • It's well known that showers use a lot less water than bathing, but this doesn't mean that you should hang about in a shower for too long. A eight minute shower could use up to 65 litres of water.
  • Turn off the tap when brushing teeth - this could save 6 litres of water a minute being wasted.
  • Always ensure that washing machines and dishwashers are loaded to capacity before use.
  • Use grey water (water from washing machines, dishwashers, baths and showers) to water the garden.
  • Use a watering can instead of a hosepipe to water the garden and mulch your plants with bark chippings or compost will help reduce evaporation. Only water in the late afternoon or evening.
  • Fix dripping taps.
  • Buy water-efficient appliances. These include dishwashers and washing machines. Install water-efficient shower heads and if you are renovating a bathroom consider installing water-oefficient toilets.
  • Don't run a tap in order to get cooler water to drink - rather keep a jug of water in the fridge.
  • Top up swimming pools later in the day or at night.

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