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Top 10 Thank Yous from the Burglar You Unwittingly Invited Into Your Home


Top 10 Thank Yous from the Burglar You Unwittingly Invited Into Your Home

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Many burglars share a common factor, homeowners unknowingly invited them in.  Sounds ludicrous, but here are some things that homeowners often overlook that a savvy thief will not. 

Paying attention to these 10 areas can help keep your home and possessions safe when you are not there.

1. Ladders. A useful household tool that, when left in the backyard, is an irresistible invitation for a burglar to climb up to your second-story windows. Often, homeowners fail to put alarm sensors on second-story windows thinking that they are well out of the reach of thieves.  So, store your ladders in a basement or garage and have your alarm company wire your second story windows.

2. Trash. Thieves love to drive around neighbourhoods, especially after holidays, to check out the empty boxes that get deposited at the curb for trash pick-up. As homeowners, we unwillingly divulge all of the new electronics and gadgets that we now own.  To combat this, break down boxes and put them inside a trashcan or recycling bin.

3. Trees and shrubs. That “honey-do” list that involves trimming up your trees and shrubs is easy to put off.  However, failure to keep things manicured provides a hiding place for burglars to hide while they break into your home. Make sure that trees and bushes around doors and windows are well-trimmed so that any entry point to your home is clearly visible from the street.

4. Doors. If you back door is a plain, wood panel door it will be no problem for a thief to kick it in.  Consider installing steel doors and deadbolts on all exterior doors.  While this may seem like common sense, deadbolts only protect your home if you lock them…enough said.

5. Mirrors. If you have a mirror in your entry way that reflects your alarm keypad, a thief can easily see if the system is armed or not.  If it’s not, then it is an open invitation to break in without worrying about triggering the alarm. Consider relocating the mirror so that your alarm keypad is not readily visible to anyone standing at your front door.

6. Grass. Grass can grow really fast in the summer months.  If a person with nefarious plans sees that your lawn is not cut, newspapers have accumulated on your porch and your shades are all drawn it is a pretty good indication that you are out of town.  Make sure that someone keeps up your yard in your absence and set lights in the house on timers. One other thing, if you leave a car in the driveway to give the appearance that someone is home, make sure to take the garage door opener out of it and lock the doors. 

7. Safes. Most honest people feel like locking their valuables up in a safe is an automatic deterrent for a burglar.  However, if your safe is easily carried, you’ve just consolidated all of your valuable for a thief.  Consider a wall safe or a safety deposit box instead.

8. Social networks. Nothing pleases a burglar more than to see your daily updates from vacation. If your social media pages are public, you are broadcasting your whereabouts to the entire world.  Make sure to post photos after you return home.

9. Tagging. Social media also allows you to “tag” your whereabouts.  If you check in at a restaurant across town, a burglar will know that he has as least a couple of hours to clean you out before you return home.  Geo-tagging is fun, but can prove to be costly.

10. Selling items. If you post items for sale, never schedule an appointment for a buyer to meet you at your home.  Not only will they know where you live, but it also makes it easy for them to take the merchandise that you are selling along with your wallet, credit cards, cash, etc.  Arrange meetings in public places, your local police station parking lot would be a good choice.  This way, thieves will not even show up and you and your belongings will be safe.

Source:  Quick Selling Homes Blog



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