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How You Can Spruce Up A Tired Looking Kitchen Without Breaking The Bank


How You Can Spruce Up A Tired Looking Kitchen Without Breaking The Bank

DIY kitchen renovations

There's no doubt about it, kitchens usually end up being the most expensive room in a home. There are, however relatively cheap ways of sprucing up a tired looking area without breaking the bank by taking the DIY route.

The kitchen cupboards on display basically makes or breaks the look of the kitchen. Old, dilapidated wooden kitchen units and work tops that have been damaged can bring the whole tone of the kitchen space down and although it's always more appealing to rip everything out and replace with the latest designs, kitchens can be spruced up without having to resort to such drastic measures and perhaps, more importantly, the kitchen will still be able to be utilised while the DIY project is underway.

Cleaning kitchen cabinets

Remove the doors and drawers inspect them as well as the cabinets. Remove the hinges and repair any damage using wood putty or by simply sanding the area down. Wash the cabinets, doors and drawers in warm water using a cleaning solution such as a mixture of borax and vinegar (the experts recommend using one teaspoon of borax to a quarter cup of vinegar) to help remove grease and other stains. Use a light sandpaper or synthetic steel wool to remove tough stains, but be careful not to overdo it or the surface won't be uniform.

Repaint or stain the kitchen cupboards and drawers

Use a natural bristle brush if you are taking the painting route and a cloth if you have opted to stain the cupboards. Remember to apply the stain with the grain of the wood. Regardless of what method you choose - ensure that all surfaces are painted or stained completely. It's generally necessary to apply multiple coats of paint or stain, however it's important to remember to allow whatever medium you are using to dry completely before adding additional layers. Once the staining has been completed - apply a sealant to protect the wood.

Replace the hinges and handles

Decorative hinges and handles can do wonders for the overall look of a kitchen. Shop around in order to find the look you are after. It may be an idea to take an existing hinge along for the ride in order to check that the holes are the same - this will save the hassle of having to drill new holes in the cabinets.

Finishing touches

If the budget will allow for it, consider replacing an old hob top or stove. Likewise take a long, hard look at the work surfaces and either replace or give a thoroughly good clean. The look of older work tops can be drastically improved by replacing the beading around the edges. Giving the floor a bit of a revamp will also do wonders for a sad looking kitchen area. Consider giving the tiles a thorough clean, removing built up grease and grime or replacing old tatty linoleum with an inexpensive option such as cork or by simply painting and sprucing up the original concrete floor.

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