How To Protect Your Alarm System During Load-Shedding

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Alarm Systems and Back Up Power
All alarm systems have back up batteries which are designed to assist during power outages.  
It should be borne in mind that back up batteries were never designed for the ongoing power outages we have been experiencing during the past few weeks.   Load shedding which occurs up to 3 times per day can seriously affect the dependability of your back-up battery. Typically, your battery requires +/- 8 hours to recharge to ensure that they operate at optimal performance. 
With our regular power outages (load shedding) these cycles are interrupted which can lead to battery failure.

What Can I Do as an Alarm System Owner?

  • Please ensure that you have your alarm system and batteries tested on a regular basis. Batteries should generally be replaced between 12-24 months depending on the size of your alarm system (number of devices) and the frequency of general power outages.
  • Arrange for a service technician to inspect your alarm system.  On his visit, he will check the system and conduct a load test on your system as well as the batteries
  • Consider installing an additional power supply and battery pack on your current system.
  • Invest in proper back up power units such as UPS and Solar options.

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