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How To Make Your Home A Sanctuary


How To Make Your Home A Sanctuary

Tired of the rat race? Here’s how to make your home a sanctuary, without turning it into a yoga studio.

In the age of fast-paced lifestyles, our homes should be a haven of peace and tranquility where life moves slower. Turning your home into a peaceful escape from the world can do wonders for your stress levels and overall health. Here are a few key ways to transform your home into a palace of peace.


Colour scheme

One of the best ways to foster tranquility in your home is with colour. Choosing a colour for your walls that feels the most calming to you can do wonders for the mood of your home. Common colour choices to encourage tranquility are light greens and blues, or neutrals. Not only should you consider the colour of your walls, but also the colour scheme of your décor. Your décor should reflect the peaceful nature of your home and fit in with your wall colour.


Soft lighting

Using wall lights and lamps, as opposed to harsh overhead lighting, creates a gentler effect in a room. These are particularly good to use in bedrooms, where feeling relaxed is very important. Downlights are a good idea to have in areas like the living room or a study, as these can be dimmed. The trick is to have multiple, softer light sources instead of one harsh light source.


Keep it simple

Simplifying your home will make it a calmer space that can be organised well. Making sure that your home is free of mess and clutter will help you find more peace and serenity within your mind, as well as your home. Clutter is stress-inducing and things like simple décor without busy patterns can do wonders when it comes to creating a stress-free home. Organising your home in a logical way, and getting rid of clutter, will help minimise stress and frustration.


Bring the outdoors in

Flowers and greenery make a home instantly more Zen and give it an earthy feel. Not only does greenery provide more oxygen in the home, but it can give you the same feeling that you’d get from a quiet walk in a forest or a meadow. Low maintenance plants like succulents, work well to calm the atmosphere without requiring lots of work.


Neutral floors

Wooden floors or soft, neutral coloured carpets are a great way to quieten the energy in your home. Having a neutral colour underfoot does wonders for tranquility, particularly if the floor makes your home more comfortable to walk barefoot in. The key is to ensure that your floors don’t distract from your décor and remain a neutral aspect of the home.


Natural materials

Using natural materials in your décor can help create an earthy, serene mood. Natural materials are by nature neutral in colour and with softer textures. For example: burlap or linen lamp shades are particularly effective when it comes to creating a tranquil mood. Materials like wood, bamboo and clay can be used effectively to help set a serene tone.

Once this is done, you can come home after a long day, put your feet up and enjoy the Zen nature of your new, peaceful environment.

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