Good To Know - What Is Pool Backwash Water & How To Legally Get Rid Of It?

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Swimming pool water typically contains a range of elements such as chemical treatment products (chlorine, salt and acid), filtration media (sand and dirt particles), wind-blown materials (leaves), sunscreen residue and other potentially harmful bacteria.

In the normal operation of swimming pools, these materials are collected by the filtration system and captured in the filter. To work efficiently, filters need to be cleaned regularly by backwashing all the captured materials out of the filter.

Our law prohibits the disposal of backwash water from swimming pools into the road or stormwater system as its chemical content is unsafe for naturally existing ecosystems. Therefore, the water originating from the backwash of a swimming pool must flow to the sewage system. Only in the case of a swimming pool overflow may this water be sent to the stormwater system.

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