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FLISP - Governmental Housing Subsidy For All First-Time Buyers Earning Up To R22 000 p/m


FLISP - Governmental Housing Subsidy For All First-Time Buyers Earning Up To R22 000 p/m


The Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme (FLISP) programme is a housing subsidy for first-time home buyers to assist with purchasing a home. The subsidy is paid directly to the conveyancing attorney or financial institution and can be used as a deposit to buy a home, or to pay such into an existing home loan and reduce the monthly instalments.


  • To apply for FLISP, you must be in the process of purchasing a property. You can also apply if the property was registered in your name in the past 12 months. Any applications after this window period are currently not considered.
  • Once you've received a home loan from a bank, the following documents are required, together with the completed FLISP application:
  • Certified copies of identity documents (IDs)
  • Certified copies of dependents' birth certificates
  • Certified copy of marriage certificate/ Final order of divorce/Death Certificate
  • Original recent payslip/affidavit confirming unemployment/ proof of social grant
  • Certified copy of the deed of sale/ offer to purchase
  • Certified copy of the bond approval/ bond quotation
  • Original/ certified copy of the statement of transfer cost from transferring attorney
  • Certified Copy of Home Loan Approval (if Applicable)
  • Offer to Purchase


The subsidy amount depends on your income and ranges between R30,000 - R130 000.  There is a sliding scale to determine the subsidy for different income brackets.

If you qualify for the FLISP subsidy - what can it be used for?

The FLISP subsidy assists you to:

  • Purchase an existing residential property for the first time;
  • Use for Transfer/Bond Costs;
  • Buy a subsidy house, in a development;
  • Use for a deposit;
  • Purchase a vacant serviced residential stand (i.e. plot) linked to house-building contracts. Only use builders registered with the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) or
  • Build a new house with the assistance of a builder registered with the NHBRC on a serviced residential stand (i.e. plot) that you already own.


  • Earn either a single or joint gross monthly household income of between R3 501 to R22 000
  • Be a first-time home buyer
  • Be over the age of 18 years
  • Have financial dependants
  • Have never benefitted from any Government Housing Subsidy Scheme before
  • Have an AIP (Approval in Principle) for a home loan from an accredited South African financial institution.


As from 1 April 2022, persons who in the past could not qualify for FLISP due to them not qualifying for a home loan or mortgage will now be able to utilise other sources of finance to acquire a property.

Amongst others, residents with a household income of R 3 501 - R 22 000 per month will be able to access FLISP through:

  • the beneficiary's pension/provident fund loan
  • a co-operative or community-based savings scheme, i.e. stokvel
  • the Government Employees Housing Scheme
  • any other Employer-Assisted Housing Scheme
  • an unsecured loan
  • an Instalment Sale Agreement or Rent-to-own Agreement
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