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Deeds Office End Of Year Arrangements And Timelines


Deeds Office End Of Year Arrangements And Timelines

The Cape Town Deeds Office has released its end of year arrangements, which are as follows;

  • 4 December 2020 - only Deeds that are to register before the Deeds office closes are to be lodged from this date onwards and all rates clearance certificates must be valid for 12 days
  • 9 December 2020 - Last day for lodgements 
  • 14 December 2020 - Last day for consultations with the Panel and for expedited registration
  • 18 December 2020 - Last day for reinstatement of transactions
  • 21 December 2020 - Information and registration closed to public
  • 22 December 2020 - last day for normal execution and black booking
  • 24 December 2020 - Deeds office to close at 10 am
  • 5 January 2021 - Deeds Office reopens for normal functions 

Please do note that these dates are subject to change and we anticipate that the turnaround time for examination in the Deeds Office will increase to 7 - 10 days.

Buyers and sellers of property please take note! As we approach the end of a challenging year, it is important to pay close attention to the various due dates on an offer to purchase / property sales agreement if you are a seller or a buyer.

Where the deposit due date, bond due date, guarantee due date or occupation date is determined, ensure that these dates do not fall within the traditional holiday season. With many people taking leave during this period, there is an increased risk of the due dates expiring. This, in turn, may render an agreement void, or require last minute addendums. 

And for those who have transactions in the pipeline, please note that we are working on the presumption that there are only 15 working days in December for deeds office purposes, i.e. for lodgements and registrations. (Some deeds offices have confirmed that they are closing on the 22nd of December and re-opening on the 4th of January 2021. The Cape Town deeds registry advised yesterday that the last day for lodgments is 9 December, and last day for registration is 22 December. Normal activities there will recommence on 5 January 2021.


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