City Of Cape Town Will Be Controlling Polyphagous Shot Hole Beetle In Your Area

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Dear Resident,

The City of Cape Town's Invasive Species Unit is implementing a control programme in Somerset West. This programme is aimed at detecting and controlling the Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer (PSHB), a beetle that causes severe damage to trees by spreading a fungus that has potentially devastating consequences.

After locating and positively identifying the presence of the PSHB, a contractor will be deployed to control the species.

As some of the PSHB infected trees occur within private properties, we ask that you please assist, to ensure that all infected trees are controlled. Unless every single infected tree is controlled, the PSHB will continue to multiply and spread to new areas, and the efforts to control the PSHB will be rendered ineffective. We may require access to your property to control the PSHB, and would appreciate your cooperation.

This is an opportunity for you to assist us in our efforts to ensure healthy ecosystems and conserve our natural heritage for generations to come.

Please report any sightings of invasive species on our website:

We are looking forward to engaging with you on this urgent and critically important initiative, which may be futile without your involvement and collaboration.

Author: City of Cape Town

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