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City Of Cape Town Relaxes Water Restrictions And Cut Tariffs


City Of Cape Town Relaxes Water Restrictions And Cut Tariffs

CAPE TOWN - The City of Cape Town says water restrictions and tariffs in the region will be officially lowered from tomorrow.

The city says the restrictions will be relaxed from level 6b to level 5.

After enduring a drought described as the worst in the century, dam levels in the province have now risen to 74%, compared to just 37% this time last year.

The city is asking residents to use no more than 70L of water per person, per day, up from a 50L limit.

It says it’s decision to relax restrictions on consumers is based on signs of water conservation, rising dam levels, as well as assessments and consultations with water users and municipalities.

Tariff cuts of between 26.6% and 70% per kiloliter, depending on residents’ consumption will also come into effect.

The city’s Xanthea Limberg says the daily collective consumption target will increase to ensure water conservation efforts remain in place.

Under the restrictions, residents are still not allowed to wash vehicles with municipal drinking water.

Limberg says future adjustments will be made once the national water department or advises on the interim relaxation.

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