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5 easy ways to keep your home warm this winter


5 easy ways to keep your home warm this winter

5 easy ways to keep your home warm this winter

Already the temperature is starting to drop, and with most homes in South Africa having being built for a hot summer climate, chances are your house will be cold in winter. 

Before you rush out and buy an electric heater and hike up your electricity bill, consider some of these eco-friendly options for keeping your home snug and warm:

1. Insulate your home

Insulating your home means it will stay cool in the summer and warmer in winter. You will find that insulation costs around R600 per roll, and the average home will use around six rolls.

2. Wrap up your geyser

As an alternative to turning up the thermostat for hot water, think about fitting a geyser blanket. An inexpensive option, at around R400, a geyser blanket allows you to keep the thermostat setting low, keeping your electricity usage down, yet still have plenty of hot water.

3. Draught-proof your home

Windows and doors are the main culprits for a cold home. Gaps around windows or doors allow hot air to escape, and cool air in.

Fit a draught-proofing strip at the bottom of exterior doors and add draught-proofing strips to windows.

Old blankets, a tattered rug or fabric scraps are perfect for making your own draught-excluder.

Remember to also keep all your doors closed to reduce heat loss.

4. Get new window treatments

Airy drapes are perfect for the summer months, but dress up your windows for winter. Thicker fabrics will insulate rooms better by preventing heat from escaping through the glass windows.

Remember to also keep all your doors closed to reduce heat loss.

If you have a set of curtains for winter and summer, you can easily transform the look and warmth of a room.

5. Snuggle up

Blankets and throws can be bought to match your décor and allow you to snuggle up close on cold evenings.

A soft chenille throw, warm slippers and a cup of cocoa are just lovely when the temperature drops. And don't forget to put down some thick rugs for warmth underfoot.


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