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Will Land Expropriation Affect Private Residential Homeownership?

Category Property Market News

Landowners, particularly those in the agricultural sector, are understandably nervous about Cyril Ramaphosa’s comments regarding land expropriation. However, in

2017’s Best and Worst Performing Cape Town Areas in Property Price Growth

Category Property Market Statistics

Fourth quarter 2017 City of Cape Town sub-regional house price indices continue to show some of the most expensive regions’ house price growth to be slowing not

2018/19 Budget Highlites – How It Affects the South African Property Market

Category News Flash - Budget News

The budget proposals involve strengthening the public finances by raising taxes, reducing and reprioritising government spend.

Should First Time Buyers Take Out A Loan For Their Home Deposit?

Category First Time Home Buyers

First-time home buyers often get caught by surprise when banks ask for a deposit in order to secure a home loan. “When applying for a home loan, banks will acce

Cape Town - After 40 Years The Unfinished Bridges Will Be Completed

Category Lifestyle

City of Cape Town has announced the qualifying bidder for Foreshore Freeway Precinct development and released pictures of what the new area will look like.

Is A Separate Will Necessary For A Property You own Overseas?

Category Legal Information

It is becoming common for people to have assets in different countries. There are many South Africans who have investments and/or property in other countries. S

5 Things First Time Property Buyers Should Know

Category Buying Property

Throughout the process of house hunting and searching for your perfect home, it is easy to overlook important drawbacks whilst admiring the charming aspects

How To Evict A Tenant Who Is Illegally Occupying Your Premises

Category Rental Legal Advice

Landlords who have tenants that they believe are occupying their premises illegally may not forcefully remove such tenants. The Prevention of Illegal Eviction f

Special Levy Liability: For The Seller Or Purchaser?

Category Legal Thought of the Week

Before the coming into operation of the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act (STSMA) in 2016, many practitioners were uncertain who carried liability for pay

The Sales Agreement Needs To Make Provision For Lack Of Maintenance Due To Water Restrictions

Category Legal Information

A water related and practical issue which has of late become quite a frequent occurrence during the sales / transfer process of a properties in the Western Cape


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