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Bridging finance is becoming more and more important in the property transfer process

CCH has partnered with Rodel Financial Services, a national bridging finance company to assist CCH clients in obtaining bridging finance during the property transfer process.  

CCH recognises the value Rodel could offer to their SELLERS by providing them with a reputable bridging finance company to help with the many costs and expenses that occur when a property is sold.

For example:

-          Sellers will need to pay their rates account, which includes a 90 day advance statement.  This must be paid in cash immediately when called for by the Conveyancer.   Rather than scramble around to find the cash, our Sellers can now advance proceeds from the sale to pay the rates account.   

-          Bridging is not only limited to paying rates accounts, SELLERS can bridge to pay Transfer Duty or funds for personal use.  

Sellers can access up to 80% of net proceeds with Rodel Financial Services.

“Many Sellers cash wealth lies in the profit of sale of property, getting access to this money before transfer,  is hugely beneficial to our SELLERS” says Benhard Wiese, Principal Agent of CCH.

CCH encourage our Sellers to discuss their cash flow requirement with bridging expert Mary-Jane Lefevre of Rodel.  Mary-Jane is the top national sales consultant for Rodel .



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